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Localization of the rat glutathione transferase Pi to the eye lens. The human glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) are known to have antioxidant functions that protect the eye lens against oxidative stress. The rat has three GSTs (GST alpha, GST mu, and GST Pi) and so far there is no evidence that they have protective effects in the eye lens. In this study, immunocytochemical localization of rat GST Pi in the rat eye lens was performed. Antibodies against GST Pi were produced in sheep and affinity purified. In Western blots, the antibodies recognized GST Pi but not GST alpha or GST mu. In immunocytochemical studies, rat eyes were fixed in Zamboni's fixative and were sectioned after microwave fixation. Anti-GST Pi antibodies were detected in the epithelium, cortex, and the internal region of the fiber cells. The anti-GST Pi antibodies were not detected in the lens nucleus, but in the primary lens fiber cell cultures, anti-GST Pi antibodies were detected in the nucleus, suggesting that GST Pi may have a role in lens protein metabolism.The AR-15 series of rifle was developed as the successor to the M16 rifle used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. The AR-15's success led to its use by civilian users as a sport and tactical rifle. Variants of the AR-15 rifle have been developed to address various tactical and functional requirements. The AR-15 series of rifle is configured for single shot use and as such is limited in the number of rounds it can fire without requiring reloading. Many tactical situations in which the AR-15 rifle is employed require sustained bursts of fire. For example, an AR-15 rifle with a 30-round magazine may be fired continuously until the last round is expended. The AR-15 series of rifle was not originally designed to be fired continuously without requiring the user to reload the ammunition. Rather, the AR-15 series of rifle was designed to fire single shots. Ammunition magazine devices were developed to facilitate the use of the AR-15 rifle by allowing the user to fire a continuous stream of bullets. Ammunition magazine devices typically comprise a feeding tube that is mounted to the AR-15 rifle and operable to provide a feeding channel that communicates with the chamber of the rifle. Examples of ammunition magazines are shown in U.S. Pat. No. 5,996,503 to Konczal and U.S




Starcraft 2 Rar Passwordbfdcm jezajann

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